FoCoMX 7 lineup to launch March 2nd! (or 3rd??)

It's 10:30 pm on March 1st, our traditional launch date. I'm looking at the FoCoMX 7 booking spreadsheet. It looks SO GOOD. 95% of the rows are green. Green and vibrant with AMAZING LOCAL TALENT.
We are on the brink of launching our exciting lineup tomorrow, Monday the 2nd, as planned. The new volunteer scheduling system is built and running. Just a few more phone calls to and from our musicians, a bit more hammering and tinkering with files and FAQs, and we'll be ready. In the morning. Or, if the board and designers' pesky day jobs interfere, we may have to wait until Tuesday morning.
Maybe we'll just feed you all the juiciest details, drop, by drop, on Facebook, until we are ready to launch. Anyway, stay tuned! 200+ local artists are ready to amaze you!